"How To Convert One-shot Buyers Into Repeat Customers – A Simple System You Can Start Using Today"

Legendary marketing expert Jay Abraham said of small businesses that the way to stay ahead in competitive times is to "tune up your marketing and make sure you're getting new customers coming in, old customers coming back, and customers purchasing more."

This system I’m about to show you focuses on customer retention (getting your old customers coming back) because studies have shown that a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25% increase in a business’s overall profits.

The system works as follows…

When a customer walks into your business and buys something, you, or a store/sales assistant asks them at checkout, “Have you been to our business before?”

If the customer answers “yes”, you ask them to pick a piece of paper out of a glass jar. On the piece of paper they will see that they’ve won a time-limited coupon that offers them a discount the next time they come into your business. Think of it as a lucky dip or something similar…

This is highly effective because research has shown that people value what they have won more than a generic coupon or discount that is given to everyone.

And so, if you customer believes that they’ve won the coupon they will be more likely to use it.

When you have set up this system all this “stealth marketing” will be done automatically. The customer picks a piece of paper, they text a phone number you give them, and the system sends back a thank you message.

The same system will be set to send reminders, two days and one day before the coupon expires… Plus, now that you have the customers phone number, you can send these customers phone messages and alerts any time in future to announce special deals, promotions, new product offerings, and so on. All this increases the chance that the customer will come back to your business to redeem the coupon and spend more money with you…

On average people read 98% of phone messages within 3 hours of them being sent, which makes this marketing system so effective, compared to say emails, or other forms of advertizing. And so, this simple system could drive hundreds of your past customers back into your business –starting today! Here’s why you’d be crazy not to try this simple marketing system in your own business:

  • This simple and easy-to-implement system is guaranteed to increase your revenue – by getting your past customers to come back into your business and spending more money.
  • This protects your business because you won’t depend for your survival on getting more and more customers all the time – which is the hardest of the three things Jay Abraham says businesses should do to stay ahead in tough times. A business whose marketing strategy relies on getting new customers all the time won’t last very long when the competition is hot.
  • This system is hands off – once you’ve set it up, it’s almost completely automated. You don’t need to know any marketing to use this system… and it will still work for you even if you hate marketing.

    Do you know why so many businesses that offer excellent services and /or products fail or barely manage to make ends meet from month to month?

    And why some of your competitors, whose services or products can't hold a candle to yours, sell more than you do?

    This is because to thrive in business, you must be able to market effectively. Here’s a simple marketing strategy that will help you to consistently drive your sales and profits to new levels… all without getting into hard-sell tactics you probably hate – plus, it so happens that the real money in any business is in repeat sales to your existing customers/clients!

    This simple system is dignified, simple to implement, and it works like a charm. And like Mike Masterrson says,
        "If you convince a customer to buy your product when he needs it, you will have a loyal customer. But if you can persuade him to buy a product from you every time he wants it, then you have a human ATM. "
    If you're excited to get started implementing this system in your own business, click here to download the system setup guide.

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